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Sally Brompton the Astrologer

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(March 21 - April 20)
Don’t wait for the Sun to move into your sign
on 20th March to get busy on a new plan or project:
Mars, your ruler, in the most adventurous area of your chart
from 3rd January urges you to get up and get at ‘em right from the start.
Cosmic activity in over-cautious Capricorn
in July could temporarily hold you back
from pursuing your dream, but Mars in your sign from 28th June –
where it stays for the remainder of 2020 –
will restore your sense of self-belief.
You’re already a star, but by year’s end
you’ll be a genuine A-lister!


(April 21 - May 21)
Uranus, planet of upheaval,
spends the whole of 2020
working its way through your sign,
and you in turn will find yourself working through
a never-ending series of changes and challenges.
Eclipses in the most outgoing area
of your chart in January and June suggest that
some of those changes will involve lots of travel and socializing,
so get out into the wide blue yonder
because that is where you will meet your destiny.
Venus, your ruler, will bring romance your way
towards the end of the year,
plus the realization that love is the answer
to everything.


(May 22 - June 21)
Your mind is constantly asking questions
and Venus in your sign
from 3rd April to early August
will bring plenty of answers.
Surround yourself with people whose passion
for the truth is every bit as strong as your own,
because by working together the mysteries
of the universe will be revealed.
Don’t forget though that your body has needs as well,
and what happens
between the solar eclipse on 21st June
and the lunar eclipse on 5th July
will boost your finances so
you can enjoy more of the good things in life.
For many people though,
the best thing in life
is you.


(June 22 - July 23)
As a summer-born sign
the winter months
can be tough on Cancer,
but the lunar eclipse on 10th January
will bring encouraging news,
the kind that brightens even the darkest of days.
With so much cosmic activity taking place
in your opposite sign in 2020
partnerships of all kinds
will be of supreme importance.
Try not to think of yourself as an isolated individual
but as part of the collective human experience.
After both Jupiter and Saturn end
their retrograde phases in September
you will enjoy a much clearer view of the world –
and your special place in it.


(July 24 - Aug. 23)

Your limitless energy,
boundless enthusiasm and passion for excellence
will lift you to new heights
of fame and fortune over the coming year.
Leo is never happier
than when at the centre of things, and with Mars
moving through your fellow Fire signs
of Sagittarius
from 3rd January to 16th February,
and Aries
from 28th June until the end of the year,
the eyes of the world will be on you.
Make it your 2020 vision
to be the director, producer and lead actor
of your own real-life drama –
and you’ll win an Oscar
for best self-belief!


(Aug. 24 - Sept. 23)
You’re not the type to crave power
but the planets will encourage you to take charge
and make important decisions.
From 22nd March to 1st July,
and again towards the end of the year,
people will come to you with problems to solve,
especially on the work front
where your logical mind will be much in demand.
But don’t push yourself too hard, physically or mentally, from
22d August to 22nd September,
when the Sun moves through your sign.
If you can, take a vacation
around this time,
because the final quarter of 2020
will bring plenty more
interesting challenges.


(Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)
Venus, your ruler, enjoys an extended stay
in one of the most positive areas of your chart
from early April to early August,
and during this time the
physical, mental and emotional barriers
that define your world will be swept away,
giving you a more expanded view of reality.
Along with the eclipses in June and July,
and cosmic activity in your own sign
in September and October,
the universe will encourage you to upgrade your entire way
of thinking and feeling.
The person you are by the end of the year
won’t be anything
like the person you
are now.


(Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

Relationships will see a marked improvement
from 11th January when upheavals planet Uranus takes a break,
allowing you to call the shots again
in one-to-one dealings at home and at work.
In fact, the big message for 2020
is that you don’t HAVE to do what others expect of you,
and nor can they force you.
The eclipses on 21st June and 5th July
will encourage you to break free of restrictions
and you may even decide
to move to another town or city.
By the time the Sun enters your sign on 22nd October
you could be living the dream – quite possibly
somewhere else.


(Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)
The material side of life –
money, property and investments –
will take up a lot of your time and energy
during the first half of 2020,
but the lunar eclipse in your sign on 5th June
will find ways to remind you
that relationships of a purely human kind are
worth more than dollars and cents.
Between that eclipse
and the solar eclipse, also in your sign,
on 14th December
you will encounter a succession of individuals
who delight you
with their company
and inspire you with their ideas.
The meaning of life is about people, not profit.


(Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)
Mars moves into your sign on 16th February
and around this time
you will recognize that whatever you
want most from life has to be earned through sheer hard work.
Partnerships are important,
of course, but the eclipses in January and June,
and Saturn and Jupiter moving retrograde through your sign
from May to September,
signal that your fate is in your own hands.
If you get the chance to travel
a long way from home in October don’t hesitate,
just go for it.
Not only will the journey be fun
but there could be romance waiting
at your destination.


(Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)
There may be a few moments
early in the year,
in February and March,
when Mercury’s influence makes it feel
as if you don’t speak the same language as everyone else.
Maybe you should take that as a cosmic hint
to talk less and think more,
because what happens when Mars
moves into the communications area of your chart on 28th June
will not only give you something worth saying
but also the power to make yourself heard.
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right word
in the right place at the right time
can be priceless.


(Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)
Too often a new year feels just like the old one,
but the lunar eclipse in Cancer
on 10th January
will sweep away your winter blues and make it feel more like spring.
By the time the Sun
moves into your sign on 19th February
your plans will be coming to life and you’ll be feeling warm all over.
The summer months will see you at your creative best
and a friendship with someone
whose artistic skills match your own
could bring the kind of success you hardly dare dream of.
November will be an especially
productive month,
but don’t neglect those you love.








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