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January 21 - February 19

Aquarius Health

Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Associated body areas: Shins, ankles, circulation



Aquarians are the idealists of the Zodiac, the rebels who need a cause which they can embrace wholeheartedly and unreservedly. You are independent, unconventional and, frequently, eccentric. Your high-minded ideals hide a coolly analytical mind. Once you get hold of an idea or conviction, wild horses cannot budge you.

Your desire to change the world is intellectual rather than practical. Aquarians dream up the humanitarian blueprint for change leaving others to man the picket lines. You are the armchair revolutionary who sees scope for improvement in every area of life. Your original and inventive mind can create order out of chaos - and, equally, chaos out of order. Nothing about Aquarians is predictable except their talent to surprise.

Being engaged in transforming the universe leaves you little time to worry about your personal health. Even if you listen to medical advice, you are quite likely to ignore it. Because Aquarius is linked to the lower legs, you have a tendency to suffer from weak ankles and are prone to arthritic conditions and poor circulation. You need to take time off from championing the underdogs to concentrate on your own well-being.

Aquarians often find it difficult to get in touch with their own emotions. Your agile, at times brilliant, mind means that you are better at analysing than feeling. However, with the Moon ruling the health angle of your solar chart, your emotions play a prominent part in your physical well-being. Hurt feelings, anxieties and insecurities can cause stomach upsets and other nervous ailments. The Moon is also associated with food allergies and eating disorders.

Being 'new age' individuals, Aquarians are drawn to health foods, organic produce, alternative therapies and natural remedies. Your inherent need to be different means that you will try anything once in terms of food and drink. You are probably no stranger to new eating routines and fitness regimes. Even so, you are quite likely to stick to the same diet, day after day after day.

You have a natural aversion to being ordered around and, if anyone tries to tell you what to do, you will tend, automatically, to do the reverse. Your idiosyncrasies extend to every area of your life. If you are told that something is bad for you, you are liable to go straight out to try it.

You are naturally friendly and helpful to others but still treasure your privacy and need a bolt hole where you can be alone. Despite a strong romantic streak, your independent spirit can complicate intimate relationships. It is not unusual for Aquarians to choose to live their lives alone. However, once committed to a partnership, you are intensely faithful and loyal.

Aquarians need regular exercise but, ideally, something which is original and non-repetitive. Exercises to strengthen the muscles are particularly beneficial. Without a free rein to live your life as you wish you are liable to suffer physical and psychological problems. However, there is still a need to learn to compromise and cooperate - particularly when it comes to dealing with your nearest and dearest.

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