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December 22 - January 20

Capricorn with pets
Capricorns like animals but they are not soppy about them. You see pets as an extension to your family and lifestyle as opposed to your raison d’être. Your attitude to them is down-to-earth and matter-of-fact. You care for them according to the rule book, diluted with a considerable dose of common sense.

You tend to prefer pets who can, to a certain extent, take care of themselves. Not for you the dependent animal who relies upon you totally for all its creature comforts. However, if your pet is sick or out-of-sorts, you will know what to do and will, if necessary, have it at the vet’s in double-quick time.

Goats and other cloven-footed animals are governed by your sign and by your disciplined ruling planet Saturn and there is no doubt that you share many of their sterling characteristics, such as tenacity and an inner strength. Indeed, for Capricorns with sufficient space, a llama makes a highly suitable pet. Extremely hardy and healthy animals, their thick coat protects them from the elements and enables them to survive in extreme conditions. It can also be used for wool. They are serious, reserved and protective of their family. They are also dependable companions for walking and jogging, and can be trained to pull carts and carry children.

For Capricorns with less space, a rat could be the perfect answer. Intelligent, clean, easy-to-train and loyal, rats can form a very close bond with their owners. They enjoy a challenge such as a maze, are very unlikely to bite, and are hardy and adaptable enough to be able to thrive in a wide variety of conditions. Their lifespan ranges from three to five years and they are considered to be the best of the small mammalian pets.

Dog-loving Capricorns should consider an Alaskan malamute which is one of the oldest of the Arctic dogs, a strong solid animal which will become a close companion. Bred as sled dogs, malamutes have great stamina for thriving in the face of adversity. Having a tendency to follow the pack, it appreciates a rigid routine. Without the persistence and strength of a Capricorn to dominate it, it is liable to take over as boss.

When it comes to cats, the strong and adventurous Norwegian forest cat has similar hardy characteristics, being accustomed to the extreme climate of their native Scandinavia where they hunt freely through Norway’s cold and sprawling forests. They are loyal, intelligent, affectionate and sensible pets but they need space to roam, hunt and climb.

The suggestions above are merely guidelines and in no way suggest that there is only one breed or type of pet which is suitable for any one Zodiac sign. And it is, of course, essential to know everything there is to know about buying and keeping any pet before taking it home.



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