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July 24 - August 23

Aquarius Health

Ruling Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire
Symbol: The Lion
Associated body areas: Heart, spine, back



Leos are big-hearted, flamboyant and generous. You live life to the full and expect others to do the same. In common with your ruler, the Sun, you shine brilliantly among your peers. However, your love of the good life can, if taken to extremes, prove detrimental to your health - especially to the heart which is closely linked to your birth sign.

Just as the Sun is at the centre of our planetary system and the heart is at the centre of our bodily systems, so Leos tend to be at the centre of any function or gathering. You thrive on an audience and rise to occasions which demand any kind of performance. You are the born actors of the Zodiac and need applause and acclaim as much as you need food and drink. Without glowing appreciation and recognition of your talents, you deflate. Your need for drama and pageantry shows itself in every area of your life.

Lack of fulfilment, be it personal or professional, creative or emotional, can affect your health as much as it can affect your personality. You are stubborn, ambitious, enterprising and born to succeed. Being one of the crowd is anathema to your nature. However, despite being the Zodiac's natural leader, you do need to curb your ability to take control of people or projects. Your splendid organisational skills, when taken to extremes, may be seen as interfering, patronising or just plain bossy.

Leos expect the best of everything. The second-rate, second-class or second-hand is not for you. It is, therefore, understandable that when you get ill, your main reaction is one of impatience and annoyance.

Your natural vigour and enthusiasm need to be curbed at times or you can, all too easily, burn yourself out. It is important that you maintain a well-balanced tempo to your life with regular meals, sufficient sleep, necessary vitamins and suitable exercise to invigorate the heart, loosen up the back and keep the body loose and supple.

Fiery Leo's brave and bombastic outer skin tends to hide a sensitive and vulnerable soul. Individuals typical of the sign can be easily offended by an off-hand remark or minor criticism. You frequently feel let-down by those who fail to live up to your romantic ideals.

Your desire to do things in a grand fashion, your zest for living and your generous nature make you a fun companion and a good friend. It is, however, only too easy for Leos to get carried away on an ego-trip, believing themselves to be the cat's whiskers and the bee's knees. Although you may be both of those things, others have a tendency to resent having it pointed out by you.

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