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December 22 - January 20

Capricorn Health

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Symbol: The Goat
Associated body areas: Knees, teeth, skin, bones, the skeleton



Capricorns find it hard to show their feelings and have a tendency to bottle up their emotions. You hate the idea of appearing weak or dependent and, as a result, are prone to suffer from stress and all the mental and physical ailments associated with it. Learning to relax is, therefore, a fundamental necessity for all Capricorns. Naturally reserved, even shy, you need to be persuaded to share your anxieties and insecurities with close friends and loved ones.

Your ruler Saturn encourages you to have a disciplined approach to your diet. You tend to know what is good for you and believe in the principles of healthy living. Yet, because you frequently lack self-confidence - which can bring about a build-up of negative energies and tension - you can, at times, suffer from digestive problems.

It important that you maintain the kind of lifestyle necessary to support your levels of energy and concentration. Since Capricorn is associated with the bones and affiliated problems such as osteoporosis, you should also ensure that you have sufficient calcium and fish oils in your diet.

You are naturally loyal and very protective of those for whom you care. Your highly-tuned sense of duty can make greater demands on you emotionally than you acknowledge or appreciate. Pessimism is also a Capricorn characteristic. Fortunately, your wry, dry, offbeat sense of humour, your sense of irony and your ability to laugh at yourself operates as a much-needed safety valve.

Capricorns frequently have difficult childhoods, sometimes being weak or sickly, often having to shoulder adult responsibilities at an early age. Despite this, you are the late-developers of the Zodiac, finding success and fulfilment in maturity and retaining your youthful looks and energy far beyond their natural span. You also tend to live longer than other signs - an added incentive for maintaining good health throughout your life.

The Saturnine influence means that Capricorns can suffer from melancholy and may become easily depressed - even by minor disappointments, misfortunes or setbacks. However, with Pluto, the planet of regeneration, currently passing through Sagittarius which represents one of the most sensitive areas of your solar chart where it remains until November 2010, you are now in a splendid position to confront your innermost worries and fears.

In a working environment, you should be wary of jobs which involve remaining in any one position for any length of time. This can cause stiffening of the joints which may lead to arthritic conditions in the future. Skin and teeth are also linked to your sign and must be given special attention. Be sure to protect your skin adequately before venturing out into the sunlight.

Capricorns need a secure and structured background - both as children and adults. Your lives need to be well-ordered. You hate unnecessary clutter and uncompleted tasks. A lack of control over your environment can leave you feeling physically ill. You are, generally, happiest when you are dealing with a major responsibility or long-term commitment.

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