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June 22 - July 23

Cancer with pets
Individuals born under the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer regard their pets as family members. You love them to distraction and worry desperately if they are ill or unhappy. You are deeply protective of them and frequently regard them as children - that is until your real children come along. At that point, the pet is relegated kindly, but firmly, to second place in the pecking order.

Your vivid imagination and natural inclination to worry – often unnecessarily - makes you a caring owner and regular visitor to the vet’s, a good reason to take out medical insurance for your pets. Just as your symbol, the Crab, has a tough shell protecting a soft interior, so you tend to go for animals whose brave and, even, independent exterior hides a sensitive, loving nature.

Gerbils are natural companions for the typical Cancer, being lively, tenacious and brave if threatened. They certainly share the Cancer concern for the home and, in the desert, spend many hours building their underground warrens. They breed prolifically and are, therefore, best kept in single-sex groups.

Geese also make splendid pets for garden-owning Cancers, being loyal, courageous and protective of their family and territory. They are reliable guard ‘dogs’, keeping a permanent eye out for trouble. If trained young, they come when called - especially at mealtimes. They need plenty of regular exercise, preferably swimming, and a dry shed in which they can be locked up at night, safe from hungry foxes. Although they prefer a stream or pond, they can manage with a large and deep water trough.

Cancers tend to make excellent dog and cat owners, since you are strict but fair with your pets. German shepherds share many of your personal traits, being loyal, intelligent and brave when it comes to protecting their loved ones. And, despite their fierce demeanour, they have hearts of gold and are devoted to their human family - especially children - although they tend to bond closely with one particular person. It is, however, vital that they are properly cared for and given sufficient exercise and space to prevent them from getting bored and aggressive.

Home-loving colourpoints are good Cancer cats. Similar in body and coat to a persian, they come in a variety of colours with coloured ‘points’ like a siamese. They are emotional and loving and have a soft and sensual coat which needs regular grooming. They love human company and are affectionate and playful although they can become fierce if cornered.

The suggestions above are merely guidelines and in no way suggest that there is only one breed or type of pet which is suitable for any one Zodiac sign. And it is, of course, essential to know everything there is to know about buying and keeping any pet before taking it home.


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