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November 23 - December 21

Sagittarius Health

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Symbol: The Archer
Associated body areas: Hips, thighs, buttocks, liver



Sagittarians tend to view the world through rose-tinted spectacles. Cheerful and optimistic, with an infectious zest for living, you have the enviable ability to sail through life wrapped in a security blanket of good humour and wishful thinking.

Your restless nature needs regular injections of changes and challenges. You value your freedom highly, becoming resentful and frustrated if you feel that it is being inhibited in any way whatsoever. Any kind of repetitive work is very definitely not for you. Feelings of being trapped or restricted can result in emotional or, even, physical problems. You need space, fresh air and a relatively freewheeling lifestyle.

On an intellectual level, you find other people's dogmas and doctrines equally confining, preferring to follow your own brand of home-grown philosophy. You have a critically low boredom threshold and are physically unable to stay put for more than two minutes at a time.

The life and soul of any party, Sagittarians love good food and fine wines frequently to the point of intemperance. The fact that Jupiter, the planet of excess, rules your birth sign, while Venus, the planet of good-living, rules the health angle of your solar chart, means that you have a propensity towards putting on weight, particularly around the hips and thighs, as well as a need to take care of your liver and kidneys. You need to be permanently on the move in order to avoid the stresses and tensions of routine life.

Sagittarians are the natural sportsmen and women of the Zodiac, frequently possessing tall and athletic frames. You have good balance and the ability to excel at whichever sport you turn your hand to. You are, usually, graceful dancers with good coordination despite the fact that you can be extraordinarily clumsy in your daily life, with a tendency to injure yourself through carelessness or irresponsibility. You are also prone to sporting injuries.

You are a curious mixture of wisdom and naivety, combining your desire to say the right thing at the right time with a remarkable knack for putting your foot in your mouth when you attempt to do so. Your endearing frankness can be less endearing for those on the receiving end of it!

Your love of long-distance travel and new experiences makes you a fun and fascinating companion. You constantly need fresh targets to aim towards and in which you can become totally involved - often to the detriment of your current responsibilities. You tend to try to do too many things simultaneously and would be better off spreading yourself a little less thinly and concentrating on one task at a time. More than anything you need a clear focus for your passions.

Sagittarians are not good at relaxing and you should learn to balance your natural exuberance by developing your intellectual faculties. Equally, overactive minds can be helped with mild physical exercise.

With Pluto, the planet of regeneration and renewal, in your birth sign until November 2010, you are in a marvellous position to work on those areas of your personality which need improvement, to exorcise your hidden demons and add new dimensions to your life.

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