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Charles & Camilla

Astrological Portents for the
Marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
8th April 2005

Born 14th November 1948 at 21.14 at Buckingham Palace
Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus, Ascendant in Leo

Born 17th July 1947 at 19.00 in London
Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Leo

The long-running relationship between Charles and Camilla is as much a meeting of minds as an entwining of hearts, according to their natal charts. A strong link between Charles’ Sun and Camilla’s Mercury show a couple with shared opinions between whom there are few taboos. Charles respects Camilla’s intellect and recognises in her an equal partner who can help him to achieve his goals.

An equally positive link between Charles’ Mercury and Camilla’s Moon indicates an almost telepathic understanding of one another’s feelings
and emotions, with Camilla the more intuitive of the two. However, Saturn’s influence suggests that Camilla must avoid being over-critical of Charles or his fragile self-esteem is liable to crumble.

While Charles’ Sun is in the fiercely loyal and obsessive sign of Scorpio, Camilla – in common with Princess Diana – has her Sun in protective, caring Cancer. And with their Suns in harmonious aspect to one another, and their Ascendants close to one another in the regal sign of Leo, Charles and Camilla have a great deal in common and will present a strong and united front to the world. But although this may well be a match made in, or near, Heaven, it has had – and still has – a considerable number of challenges to overcome, challenges which are etched firmly into their astrological charts.

That said, Charles’ Sun close to Camilla’s Jupiter is a cosmic talisman indicating that their marriage will be truly blessed. It gives them the ability to overcome obstacles – no matter how great - as has already proved to be the case. It suggests shared philosophies and aspirations, and enables them to engage with each other and appear to the world a happy relaxed couple at ease in each other’s company. While Camilla will help Charles to achieve his full potential, he will help her to broaden her own horizons.

The strong influence of Neptune on both their joint and individual charts indicates an idyllic and idealised – possibly over-idealised - love. And there could be problems if they sacrifice their own needs for what they consider to be the good of the relationship. For, although Neptune represents spiritual love, it is also the planet of self-deception and illusion, something to which Charles, in particular, should pay heed.

With an unhappy marriage behind him, it is important that Charles understands that even this marriage, of which he has dreamed for so long, will inevitably fall short of perfection, and that not even Camilla cannot always live up to his lofty and, at times, unrealistic expectations. It is only through a rational acknowledgement of each other’s weaknesses, faults and failings that the relationship will flourish. It has already stood the test of time but, to a certain extent, the problems which Charles and Camilla have encountered up until now, and the exhilaration of secret and illicit love, have added to the excitement and durability of the romance.

However, when their relationship is at last formalised, the rules will need to be rewritten and relearned, and Charles, in particular, will have to come to terms with mundane realism rather than heady idealism.

While Charles’s chart indicates an almost self-destructive streak on occasions, Camilla clearly relishes challenges and has the inner strength to overcome them. She is very much her own person and has a fiercely independent streak. Although Charles respects Camilla’s need for autonomy, he is likely to become irritated if she takes it to extremes. Of the two, Charles is the more inflexible and less at ease with himself. And although he finds it easy to relax in Camilla’s company, he still needs to learn to live comfortably with himself.

The astrological portents for the wedding on 8th April show a series of challenges for Camilla. There will, certainly, be tensions on the day with the shadow of Princess Diana ever present which, according to their charts, will affect Camilla more profoundly than Charles. For Charles, the relationship planets Venus and Mars form a perfect union to mark the occasion.

Even so, it is Camilla who appears to be the stronger of the two and, in many ways, the driving force behind the relationship, while Charles is the one who will continue to need moral and emotional support. But he must avoid becoming too self-obsessed or even Camilla is likely to lose patience, for it is she who will provide the backbone to the marriage.


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