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September 24 - October 23

Libra Health

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Symbol: The Scales
Associated body areas: Kidneys, lower back, loins



It is a popular misconception that Librans are naturally well-balanced. In fact, your symbol, the Scales, represents a critical need for balance and harmony in every area of your life. A lack of it can affect both your physical and mental well-being. Arguments, anxieties and unnecessary pressure all threaten your happiness and your health. Because your birth sign is linked to the lower back, that is the area most likely to be affected by too much tension in your life.

A peaceful existence is so important to you that you are, frequently, prepared to make the kind of sacrifices and compromises which others would not even contemplate. Your need for an easygoing and understanding partner is paramount. Libra's natural position in a solar chart relates to partnerships and you, more than anyone, must feel secure in your intimate relationships. The Libran need for perfect harmony extends to your body and you can normally sense when something is out of balance or off-key.

Your ability to see all sides of every argument means that you tend to feel most comfortable perched on the fence. Alternatively, you play the devil’s advocate which can result in your gaining a reputation for being argumentative. Your need to weigh up all the pros and cons of every question means that you can have the greatest difficulty in making a decision. Even if, after an inordinate amount of soul-searching, you manage to make one, you are quite likely to change your mind ten minutes later - and that can be about something as trivial as what to eat for dinner.

Your aptitude for procrastination extends to your health and you are liable to dither and delay over seeking professional help, making endless excuses and self-justifications. Visits to your doctor are frequently at the insistence of somebody else. Once there, your greatest fear will be that you are wasting the doctor's time.

Your ruler Venus, the planet of love, beauty and self-indulgence, encourages you to enjoy yourself too much - especially when it comes to food and drink. Combined with a normally Iow metabolism, it means that you are prone to put on weight. Since Libra is associated with the kidneys, excessive alcohol can be a particular hazard. The fact that Neptune, the planet of addiction, rules the health angle of your solar chart, is another reason for being cautious about over-indulging on the things you enjoy. Venus also relates to sugar levels in the body and an inbalance of insulin - which regulates blood-sugar levels - can cause tiredness and potential health problems.

Librans are romantic, artistic and naturally creative and their surroundings have to reflect all those things. You can become physically ill if your environment does not appeal to you aesthetically. Loud noise and inharmonious music can irritate you beyond belief.

Heavy exercise is not your style and it is all too easy for the typical Libran to make all manner of imaginative excuses to avoid exercise in all its forms. In fact, you need regular exercise to maintain the physical balance which is so important to you.

Charming, sociable and diplomatic, Librans tend to feel that it is their responsibility to keep everyone happy. This constant desire to be all things to all men - and women - can be emotionally exhausting. You frequently say what you think others want to hear rather than what you truly believe and, as a result, can forget what it is you actually do believe. Generous to a fault, you greatly resent anyone trying to take advantage of your good-will.

With Uranus, the planet of upheaval and the unexpected, currently passing through the health angle of your solar chart where it remains until February 2012, you need to make positive changes to the areas of your life which are too restrictive or unfulfilling in order to prevent hidden frustrations manifesting themselves through ill health.

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