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May 22 - June 21

Gemini with pets
Geminis have a natural affinity with animals - particularly those who share their agile minds. And because you are highly flexible and adaptable, you are better equipped than many to rearrange your life to encompass that of another creature - ideally one to whom you can talk when there are no other humans around.

Your low boredom threshold means that you need a pet which is intelligent, entertaining and quick to learn. It is no coincidence that your sign is associated with the clever and quick-witted monkey. However, since few Geminis have the facilities, lifestyle - or, even, desire - to care for a pet monkey, it is necessary to look a little closer to home to find the kind of animals with whom you are most likely to want to share your life.

Being born under what is known astrologically as an Air sign means that you are particularly attracted to birds. Indeed, your sign also has associations with small birds, mynah birds and parrots. As a pet, the versatile cockatiel is a natural choice for the typical Gemini. These cheerful, sociable birds love to communicate with both humans and other birds, can learn a limited vocabulary and need a considerable amount of mental stimulation to prevent them becoming bored.

Smaller than a parrot, but larger than a budgerigar, they are also best kept in pairs, a significant factor for those born under the sign of the Twins who frequently spend much of their lives seeking their spiritual other half.

Because your ruler Mercury, the planet of communication, also rules dogs, Geminis tend to get on extremely well with man’s proverbial best friend. An ideal companion for the typical Gemini is the border collie which is extremely intelligent, quick to learn, lively and inquisitive - to the extent that it values mental stimulation and exercise more than food.
In common with most Geminis, border collies have an excess of nervous energy and you are, therefore, ideally suited to burn it off together on long walks - a physical necessity for both you and the dog.

If you feel that a cat would fit in better with your particular preference, requirements and lifestyle, a havana is a very Gemini cat, being active, intelligent, amusing sociable and extremely communicative. Lean and wiry, the cigar-coloured havana, one of the few natural breeds of brown cat, has a great deal of character but needs plenty of attention.
When it comes to something a little more imaginative - and Geminis are nothing if not imaginative – you might think about a leopard gecko, a highly active and very quick lizard which can be kept indoors in a vivarium, breeds readily in captivity and can live to over 20 years.

The suggestions above are merely guidelines and in no way suggest that there is only one breed or type of pet which is suitable for any one Zodiac sign. And it is, of course, essential to know everything there is to know about buying and keeping any pet before taking it home.



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