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March 21 - April 20

Aries with pets
Ariens treat their pets on the level, no messing about, in the business of telling it like it is. Sloppy sentiment is not your style. Your pets, just like your friends, know that they can rely on you to be entirely straightforward with them. And, in return, they have to learn that what you say, goes.

Being born under a Fire sign and ruled by Mars, the mythological god of war, typical Aries is frank, forceful and fearless. And you normally look for the same characteristics in your pets. You are certainly not interested in animals whose main attraction is that of a decorative appendage. Active and enterprising yourself, you tend to seek those same characteristics when choosing a pet. Anything sluggish, bored or boring is, very definitely, not for you.

For that reason, Ariens are natural dog owners. Your love of exercise means that long walks are a pleasure rather than a chore. You are especially compatible with working and sporting dogs such as Labradors, collies and retrievers. Irish - or red - setters are a natural choice, sharing many of the characteristics of the typical Aries. Confident, straightforward, friendly, stubborn, energetic and entertaining, they have expressive faces and hearty appetites.

For the Aries who lacks the time necessary to indulge her or his love of the great outdoors, there is always something a little smaller and less demanding such as the giant lop rabbit.

As far removed from the timid little bunny as the tortoise from the hare, this bold and adventurous Peter Rabbit character needs plenty of space to explore and graze. And where better to satisfy its voracious appetite than in the garden of a bold and adventurous Aries!

Typical Ariens, known for their independence, are natural cat admirers - and owners - and any Aries seeking a free-spirited feline soulmate, could hardly do better than to pick a ginger cat. One of the most straightforward, honest, good-natured and gutsy members of the cat fraternity, the ginger tom is a bit of a lad with a propensity for getting into scraps with the neighbouring cats, arriving home late, flaunting his battle scars, and nonchalantly pretending not to lick his wounds.

Although your birth sign, the first in the Great Wheel of Zodiac, is symbolized by the Ram, when it comes to picking an outdoor companion, you would be much better advised to choose a goat. Despite being the astrological symbol for Capricorn, goats share the Aries tendency to rush at life headlong and, at times, horns down! They are, however, good-natured, intelligent and entertaining companions.

The suggestions above are merely guidelines and in no way suggest that there is only one breed or type of pet which is suitable for any one Zodiac sign. And it is, of course, essential to know everything there is to know about buying and keeping any pet before taking it home.


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