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April 21 - May 21

Taurus with pets
Because Taureans combine artistic flair with a matter-of-fact approach to life, they tend to choose pets which are both fascinating and practical. You need an animal which has the ability to fit in with your lifestyle, but also one which catches the imagination and the eye.
Your own placid nature - except when pushed to extremes - needs to be reflected in whatever pet you choose. Domestic conflicts - whether they involve humans or animals - are anathema to you. You need a secure and amicable environment in order to operate to the best of your ability. And that applies as much to your pet as your partner. Your own need for emotional security means that you respect and understand that same need in animals and are generous with your affection.

Taureans, generally, make good pet owners. You combine a natural love of animals with the practical skills necessary to care for them. You do, however, need to beware of viewing a pet as simply another possession.

Your ruler Venus, planet of beauty, relationships and romance, also rules cats, and there is no doubt that Taureans have much in common with their feline counterparts. You enjoy your comforts - the more luxurious, the better - and like to be pampered. You are graceful, sensual and tenacious - all characteristics which can be applied, equally, to cats. The maine coone which can weigh up to 181bs - is a particularly Taurean cat. Easy-going, gentle and shaggy, it is mainly tabby and communicates by means of a curious chirruping sound which has nothing in common with a normal purr or meow.

For dog-loving Taureans, the gentle giant which is the newfoundland is a natural choice, a slow-moving, patient, resolute animal which enjoys routine and needs peace and harmony. newfoundlands get on well with people and other dogs and, despite their size, do not need excessive amounts of exercise - an added bonus for Taureans who prefer more creative pursuits.

A less common pet which shares the famous Taurus tenacity, as well as appealing to their earthy nature is the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, a patient and affectionate animal which, although it needs outdoor housing and plenty of space, can be house-trained and brought indoors. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are not dirty, choosing to wallow in mud in the summer simply as a means of keeping cool.

For Taureans who lack the facilities or inclination to care for a pig, a tortoise could well be the answer. A protected species, these gentle land reptiles, which can often live for more than 60 years, are slow-moving, patient, routine-loving, and require a peaceful, harmonious environment.

The suggestions above are merely guidelines and in no way suggest that there is only one breed or type of pet which is suitable for any one Zodiac sign. And it is, of course, essential to know everything there is to know about buying and keeping any pet before taking it home.


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