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April 21 - May 21

Taurus Health

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Symbol: The Bull
Associated body areas: Throat, neck, thyroid



The fact that Venus, the planet of harmony, sensuality and self-indulgence, rules the health angle of your solar chart as well as your birth sign, means that Taureans tend to have life-long battles with their waistlines. Your love of good food, good company and fine wines is an ongoing passport to putting on weight. With your natural resistance to change, you find it harder than most to alter enjoyable eating habits, increasing the likelihood of contracting the ailments which afflict the self-indulgent and the overweight. Indeed, for many Taureans, food becomes an emotional prop resulting in compulsive nibbling or other eating disorders.

Another potential problem area for some Taureans is their inherent inertia. You really can be placid and passive to a fault. Unless pushed to extremes when you are liable to live up to your astrological symbol of the Bull - you have a tendency to be laid-back to the point of laziness. The result is a lack of enthusiasm for the kind of activities which are popularly associated with good health, and a lack of commitment should you ever be persuaded to do something as unTaurean as joining a gym or taking up jogging.

Being what is known astrologically as a Fixed Earth sign, typical Taureans are stubborn in the extreme. You have the ability to stick your heels in deeper and more determinedly than anyone else. This lack of flexibility can cause physical stress - especially around the neck area. In fact, the state of your neck is, frequently, a reliable indicator to your emotional well-being. Physically, you are prone to ailments affecting the throat such as colds, chills and laryngitis.

One of the most prominent faults exhibited by Taureans is a possessiveness which can extend to loved ones as well as belongings. At its worst it can turn into obsessive jealousy, an additional cause of stress, tension and frustration. This possessiveness, coupled with the Taurus inflexibility, can have a physical as well as an emotional effect resulting in water retention and constipation.

Your need for a harmonious and well-coordinated lifestyle means that external discord of all kinds can have a detrimental effect on your mind and body. Emotional, as well as material, security is a must if you are to maintain your physical well-being. In common with your Venus-ruled Libran cousins, the lack of a happy and stable relationship is liable to have an adverse effect on your health. Tension in the home is a sure-fire way to upset the delicately balanced Venusian system.

Many Taureans are good singers and singing is an effective way to release tension and exercise the vocal chords. You are also natural dancers, another way to dispense with the stresses and strains of daily life.

Taureans like things to last for ever - be they relationships, possessions or ways of life. Once you have achieved the financial and emotional security you crave, you tend to be content with your lot. A steady job with a regular income - ideally with an adequate pension - suits you splendidly. You have a very real and basic need to know where your next meal is coming from.



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